Birthday party! A unforgettable day.

A children's party is an important event in the lives of our children, as a parent / caregiver you want to organize it very well. We understand that. We have more than 25 years of experience in "children's parties" and therefore certainly ensure that children from 4 to 9 years old experience an unforgettable holiday full of adventures!

Our birthday packages

Our packages:

Free play party €9.50 per child A cozy decorated table for all party animals and a cozy bowl of sweets and chips to share during the day. A gift for the birthday boy and a coloring page for all children. Enjoy free play in our indoor playground, romp on the farm and the outdoor playgrounds. . More info click here

Farmer special party € 17,50 per child incl lots of goodies and fun. A very special activity with luxury private guidance from one of our experienced team members during the activity. Choose from eg. Farm hand diploma, tractor driving or pony time! Of course with a personal memento for home! More info click here

Pancake children's party (winter2023)€ 15.95: Do you like to cook your own food over a fire outside? You can with this party. We have nice frying pans with an XL handle. You can bake your pancake above the fire and when it is ready, decorate it with goodies. Click here for the content.

Cake options:  below

LOOSE VISIT: Prefer not to have an all-in package? Of course you can also book separate tickets to visit us without a children's party package. A 10-ride card may be a good option for you! You can then order any food or drinks separately on the day itself according to your needs. Own food and drinks are NOT allowed on our entire site. Own cake is also not allowed, book your separate entrance tickets or your ten-ride discount card here. For us, experience, attention and personality are paramount. It is convenient and relaxed to visit us with a group of children. A children's party is suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 10. We are a real farm and a Puur Aarden(n) experience park. There is plenty to play and experience. Get kids to dress for the season. Slippers are not desirable on a farm. At high temperatures you can bring your swimsuit for water fun! (above 25 degrees) Don't forget your warm clothes and thick socks in your boots on winter days! We have something for everyone! And now more than 25 years of experience in celebrating children's parties. We are really here for you and your children. Reservations are always made via this website. Of course you can call or email us for advice, information or questions. We're here for you! Complete the party with food, cake decorating, unlimited orange juice? Click on the content pages at the bottom. We are happy to help you if you are full of questions. Send an email to, we will contact you as soon as possible. Would you prefer a call appointment? please email! Then we plan a time when we really have time to advise and help you.

Adults on your birthday party.

We Dutch celebrate the birthday of you child on two ways. With the birthday boy/girl school children friends party and with family friends party. Normally the school party is only with the children and with max 4 adult. But Expads tend to bring more friends and family. That’s also more then possible at our farm! We have separate packages for more then 6 adult. Drop us an email for more info! Adults have a fee of €0,50 per adult.

Houdoe en tot gauw!